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Environmentally friendly


We make swimwear from ocean debris. Where some see trash, we see treasure. A very large amount of nylon waste has already been accumulated on the planet and polluted the Earth. Aquafil company has figured out how to recycle such waste and create different types of yarn. For swimwear, we use ECONYL® nylon threads, produced mainly from old fishing nets. Such nylon is exactly the same as new and can be recycled over and over again. This means that we create new products without using new resources.


We have been thinking for a long time on how to make packaging that doesn’t have to be thrown away. This is how the idea of a waterproof bag was born. You may keep your swimsuit in it. Packaging can be useful and not disposable. In addition, the bags are made of EVA material. This material is environmentally friendly and perfectly recycled into secondary raw materials. When properly disposed, it doesn’t harm the planet. Also, this material does not create a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria, so it’s cool and convenient to put a wet swimsuit into bag and not be afraid of different odors or material deformation. So comfy!

Locally produced

Our products are made in St. Petersburg from development of the idea and production of samples to the production of the final product. Thus, we optimize the logistics of the product, support local production, and hence the economy of our hometown. We are very proud to be able to create such a quality product locally. We check every swimsuit, so we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world!

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